Infinite Courses Competition Update May 18th

We are more than half way through the month and the Infinite Points competition is heating up.


If the points competition ended today, these would be the three prize winners.

  1. $200 – JChae
  2. $150 – Mike Brown
  3. $100 – ReaganW

Fortunately, there are still two weeks left in the competition, so everyone still has a chance get points and earn more Infinite Bucks. This list shows the current big money winners:

$100 Infinite Buck Earners (10,000 points)

  1. JChae
  2. ReaganW
  3. Mike Brown
  4. Mikael R
  5. Drock

$20 Infinite Buck Earners (2,000 points)

There are also dozens of participants who will be earning $10 and $5 gift cards, but we won’t list them here because the lists are getting too long. (Reminder, to receive gift cards at the end of the month, you must have your profile updated including a picture).

Weekly Competitions

In addition to our month long competition, we also have weekly Facebook competitions. For this weeks competition you could win a disc of your choice by completely updating your Infinite Profile.

Infinite Courses Current Status

  • # of Courses: 2,816
  • # of Courses with ratings: 366
  • # of Course Reviews: 626
  • # of Courses with scores entered: 242
  • # of Courses with photos: 474

Mobile App 5.18

The newest version of the mobile app has fixed a lot of the bugs, and has some new features:

  • Total Score Bubble actually works properly, even when you scroll back to view previous holes.totalscorebubbles
  • View Course Maps while keeping score.viewcoursemap
  • Add Teebox pictures right from the app when you are on the hole.addimage

To download the latest version of the mobile app, click this link.

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