Add Courses

Adding courses is the most important step to making Infinite Courses, and the mobile app work. It is important that courses are added by local, knowledgeable disc golfers who know the different layouts, pars, and rules.

To add a course you need to know the course’s address as well as details that will provide for a useful description. Include details such as hazards, tournaments, conflicting park uses, and times when it is good or not good to play. These descriptions must be written in your own words, and not just copied and pasted from somewhere else.

It’s also nice to have pictures and hole distances ready to go. Any registered user can edit a course, and add additional details and pictures later, but it’s nice to have everything ready for the initial upload.

To add a course, simply navigate to:, then click on “Add a new course” located at the top left near the green title text.


Once a course is added, it is just a shell- ready to fill with course layouts.  Many Disc Golf courses have more than one layout (basket locations, teebox locations, etc.).  In order to play the course and keep stats on the Mobile App, you’ll have to add a layout.

Infinite Points: 25 Points are awarded for each course added. You will receive additional points for adding pictures and layouts. Players found copying and pasting information from other websites will be disqualified from the points competition.


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