Add Scores

There are three ways that you can add your scores to Infinite Courses.

  1. Mobile App
  2. Hole by Hole
  3. Bulk Input

Imputing Scores With the Infinite Disc Golf Mobile App

It’s easy to enter scores with the Infinite App. Simply use the + – buttons to record your hole by hole score as you play disc golf rounds.


When your round is complete, press the “round complete – verify score” button and then the green “submit scores” button and your hole by hole scores will be uploaded to the cloud.

Entering Scores Directly on the Website

Before you add your score, make sure you select the correct Layout. Different layouts may have different par ratings and difficulty scores. Your rating might be negatively affected by selecting an incorrect layout.


To add round scores, simply click the “add your score” button on the course details page when logged into your Infinite account.


An add score button is also located on your user profile:


Hole by Hole Scoring

Enter your score for each hole. This allows the system to calculate average strokes per hole, and lets you see what parts of the course provide the most challenge for you.


After pressing “Post Score” you will be asked to review and confirm your score. Make sure your score is correct, and was entered on the correct layout. Once the score is confirmed, it cannot be edited or deleted.

When adding scores, make sure that you don’t just include your “good scores” as this will give you an artificially inflated rating, and make courses seem to be easier than they really are. Submit both good and bad rounds of golf on all of the course layouts you play.

Optional Putting Statistics

Putting and Green Percentage stats are automatically calculated when putts are entered in the optional fields on the “add score” input. These statistics are designed to keep track of “in round” putting percentages as opposed to practice putting when you have a stack of discs and can get in rhythm.

Recording Putts
The putting drop down options and statistical divisions are in following ranges: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 33+.

These are meant to be rounded putting zone ranges, so the 5′ zone is meant to be anything from a drop in back to about 7 feet. 10 feet should be selected for putts attempted in the 8′ to 12′ range etc.

To record your putts, simply enter the distance range of each putt attempted. When you make your putt, you don’t need to do anything else. The system assumes that the distance for the last entered putt is a make.


Bulk Score Upload

To upload just your total round scores for a certain layout you can use the Bulk Insert. When you have scores saved somewhere else, this is the easiest way to get a newly entered course a rating.


BulkInsert The bulk insert allows you to enter up to 8 scores at a time from past rounds played. Simply enter the date played on the left, and the total holes played on the right. Because these are only total rounds scores, bulk inserted scores do not count towards hole by hole statistics, but only course layout ratings.

Infinite Points

Receive 2 Infinite Points for every round you enter scores. These scores must be from actual rounds you have played. Players who enter duplicate or false scores to gain Infinite Points will be immediately banned from points competitions.