Calculate Tournament Payout

If you like a fast hassle fee way to calculate tournament payout, you’ll love this feature. The payout automatically calculates a value for each position, divides ties, and automatically submits the payment gift cards to the amateurs. Before anything is submitted, you have final say on how much each player receives.

The “Payout” tab is where all the payout calculating magic happens. Select the appropriate tournament by clicking the green dollar sign on the left.

The system shows the total amount of available funds for payout in each division. You can help direct approximately how you want these funds divided, and the blue “Calculate” button will do the rest.

Depending on the percentage of the field you selected to receive payout when the tournament was set up, that appropriate number of players will appear on this screen. Only those players who will actually receive payment will appear here.

To properly calculate payout, the Last Place Min field must have a value. Other fields are optional. The default value of the Last Place Min s the amount payed in per player, but this value can be modified however the TD sees fit. For lower divisions, we recommend that TD’s pay out a high percentage of the field, even if the last place minimum is only a few dollars.

The left column “Formula Payout” cannot be modified, but the right column can be edited any way you like to determine how much each player will actually receive.

In this example, if you think that first place gets too much money and second place doesn’t get enough, you could change the actual payout levels to  something like 20 and 12 before pressing “Pay”.

If an “Extra” amount appears, you have more funds allotted to add to payout where you see fit. If this number is negative, you will be unable to submit payout until payout numbers are adjusted to $0. You can press the blue calculate buttons as many times as you like until you are happy with the payout numbers in the right.

Infinite Buck Divisions Payout

For Infinite Buck divisions, TD’s are not able to modify Available funds.

Once the green “$ Pay” button is pressed, gift cards are submitted and the players have been paid. At this point, there is no way to go back and edit the payment amounts. Make sure your payment levels are how you want before pressing Pay.

Cash Division Payout

Because the TD is physically paying out the players in cash divisions, they are allowed to modify the Available funds any way they like for “cash” divisions.

For cash divisions, the green Save button simply displays the amount of payout on the tournament page. The TD is responsible for actually paying the cash to these players.