Distributing Gift Cards

Gift card codes are 14 digit codes that can be redeemed at the online Infinite Discs Store. These gift cards can be applied towards any item we sell including discs, apparel, bags, accessories, and baskets. Gift cards never expire and players can save them up from multiple events and use an unlimited number of gift card codes at checkout.

Player Pack Gift Cards

If the TD chooses to have a player pack gift card,

The player will receive the gift card code at registration. The player will be immediately emailed the gift card code, and the code will appear in the player profile in the “gift card” section.

Payout Gift Cards

For all “Infinite” divisions, gift cards will automatically be distributed when you select “Pay” from the payment tab. Like with player packs, these gift cards will be both emailed and appear in the players Infinite Profile.

Redeeming Gift Cards

To redeem gift cards, players simply enter their unique code(s) in the middle “gift card” tab as a a payment on the last page of checkout.

Note: Players often erroneously enter their gift card codes in the “Discount Code” section. If they claim to be getting a “wrong code” error, this is the likely reason.