How to Get Courses Rated


How do I get courses Ratings?

There are two things you need to do to get a course rated.

1. Have a current rating. This rating needs to be either a bold Infinite Rating, BoldRatingor an accurate PDGA rating above 800. If your PDGA rating is not an accurate reflection of your current skill level as a disc golfer, it should not be used. The PDGA rating needs to be entered in your Infinite Profile for the rating calculations to work.PDGA Rating

How do I earn an Infinite Rating? An Infinite rating is awarded after rounds are played on course layouts that have difficulty ratings established. Your rating becomes “bold” after 10 rounds are played on rated courses. If there are no rated courses in your area, then you’ll need to wait until players with PDGA ratings play those courses at least eight times.

2. Play and record scores for at least one course layout a minimum of 8 times. (Even better, have other rated players play the course with you. Course ratings are more accurate with a larger sample of players).

You can record these scores with the Infinite Disc Golf app, or manually submit them on Infinite Courses. Instructions for adding scores are found here.

If you have saved scores from rounds you’ve played in the past, you can manually submit those. The scores you record must reflect your current rating skill level, otherwise courses will not receive an accurate difficulty rating.

If you don’t have any saved scorecards, just go out and play as much disc golf on as many different courses as you can. This just might be the excuse you need to grab some buddies and take that disc golf road trip. At least half of the scores submitted need to include individual hole details (establishes hole averages).



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