How to get the Course Location Right

For an unknown reason, some courses on Infinite Courses just don’t show up in the right spot on the google map, even when the address entered is exactly the same as Google has it.

Some courses have even shown up in the middle of the Ocean off the coast of Africa. Unless you throw a lot of Lightning or Aquaflight discs, you probably don’t want to play disc golf in large bodies of water.

To get the disc golf course to show up in the right place, the website now as spots to enter GPS Latitude and Longitude directions. Click the black “edit course” button (found on every course page next to the course description) and this screen will appear. in

To find the correct latitude and longitude, simply go to google maps, and click the spot at the park entrance. On the bottom of the screen will populate the accurate GPS coordinates.

By populating the course page with correct GPS coordinates, the course will now show up correctly on both the website as well as the Infinite Disc Golf mobile app.


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