How To Update Your Infinite Profile

Edit Profile

To edit your profile simply log into your Infinite Account and then select “my profile” from the top menu bar.MyProfile


Within your my profile screen, select “update profile” just below the spot for your profile picture.UpdateProfileScroll down, then click the arrow to expand the Infinite Profile. This will bring up the full profile details.


Add a Profile Picture

With the profile field open, you can now browse a saved image on your computer and upload it by selecting the Profile Picture “browse” button.


Add Biography and Skills

Add a brief biography, self evaluated skill level, drivings style, and driving distances. There are no required fields, so you only need to share what you do want to display on your public profile.


Add Your Favorite Courses

To add your favorite courses, simply click the white star area at the bottom of the edit profile screen where it says “select favorite courses.” If the course you are looking for does not appear, you can add a new course by clicking the black button.


Add your “In My Bag” favorite discs

Discs are divided into four different categories. One by one add your favorite Distance Drivers, Control Drivers, Midrange discs, and Putters. These discs will display on your public profile, and will make it easier for you to add most commonly used discs when reviewing individual courses.





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