Use The Mobile App

The Infinite Disc Golf mobile app is designed to be simple and easy to use. Unless the database is populated with courses, layouts, hole details, and scores from other Infinite users, not all of the features will work. By adding the details you know, you will help make available full capabilities for future users.

Here is a brief explanation of the basic app functions. You must have an Infinite profile for the app to work. Your email address is your username.

The home screen, or dashboard, has three buttons. You can play a round of disc golf, view your profile, or shop Infinite Discs.Main Dashboard

Play Round

3waystoSearchCoursesIn order to play a round, you need to select a course and layout. There are three different ways to search for courses that have been added to the Infinite Database.

1. Search Courses – Simply type in the name of the course, park or city you are looking to

2. Recently Played – This section displays the last 5 courses you played. The left and right columns both have active buttons with different functions.

To play the same course AND same layout, click the layout name in red in the right column. This will select that layout and take you directly to the add player screen. To play a different layout on the same course, click the course name in the left column. This will then take you to a screen that displays all available layouts for the course.

3. Map Search of Nearby Courses – The Blue “Search Nearby Courses” button on the middle of the page will open up a GPS map that will show you the courses nearest to you.


If the course you wish to play has not been added to the Infinite database, or if you are playing a temporary course, you can use the “Create Temporary Course” feature to simply record scores for a round of disc golf.

GPS Directions to the course. If you would like GPS directions to the selected course, simply click the blue diamond in the bottom right hand corner of the map screen and your Google maps will lead you to the disc golf course.GpsDirections

Select Layout – To populate the hole by hole data correctly you must select the proper layout.


If the layout you plan to play has not yet been added, you can add one and enter details (hole distances, pars, and pictures) as you play.AddNewLayout9

When distance and par details are added, this layout will become a permanent layout and you will be able to submit your score to the cloud.

Temporary Course

If the course you wish to play has not been entered into the database, or if you have a poor internet connection, you can create a temporary course. To create a temporary course, simply create a name and the number of holes and select the black “Add” button.createtempcourse

With temporary courses, you can populate the data (par, hole distance and hole pictures) as you play. After completion of your round, you can then submit your data to the cloud and get it rated. If no internet is available, a Temporary Course will be your only score keeping option. Full details of playing without internet can be found here.

Add Players

Once a course and layout are selected, you can then add additional players to your card. By default, the logged in player will always be the first player on your card. There are two options you can use to add additional players.

  1. Infinite Players – Use the red search area to add players who have Infinite accounts. In this way you can keep score for them and submit their scores to the cloud at the completion of the round. These scores can be seen on their public profiles and will be used for establishing course data. Simply search the players name, email address, or Infinite Profile name.AddPlayer
  2. Temporary Players – For players without Infinite accounts, simply type in names to track scores. Temporary player scores can not be uploaded to the cloud as they are not assigned to an Infinite account.AddTempPlayer

Once all players appear in the “players on card” section, you can begin your round.

Keep Score

If all the details have been added for the course you are playing, the score card screen will display hole picture or tee sign, hole par, distance, hole average score, your average score, out of bounds or hazard details, and any notes you may have created for this hole.


The default score for each hole is par. If the player scores higher or lower than par, simply use the + or – buttons on the far right to add or subtract from the players score (displayed on the left). If the pin is in a different position than the distance indicated you can change the pin position (or add a new one) using the distance drop down. Distance is a factor in the ratings algorithm, so for accurate ratings it is important that you update pin positions when needed.


Once the score is correct for the hole, simply place your finger on the right side of the screen and swipe left to move to the next hole.swipeleft

Optional Scoring Features

Putting and Green Hit Percentages – If you care about detailed statistics, you’ll want to also use the “putt” fields. Simply enter your approximate distance for every putt you attempt. The last putt distance you enter is the ‘make’, so you need to enter all of your tap ins as putts. The system automatically calculates your “Green Hit Percentage” when you track putts. When a drive (or second throw for par 4) lands inside the 33 foot circle giving you a look at birdie, it is considered a green hit.


Penalty Strokes – The column labeled “Penalty” will track your total number of penalty strokes for each round. Simply press “select” and the correct number of penalty strokes you had on that hole.Penalty

Add Notes – If you like to make hole notes or reminder, simply click the pencil icon in the top left. This will allow you to leave a personal reminder note next time you play this hole.


Complete Round and Save Scores

When you get to the last hole the blue “Round Complete – Verify Score” button will appear. Press it.roundcomplete

Verify and Submit Scores

The verify score screen shows your hole by hole scores. You have three options from this screen:


  1. Edit score – In case a score was incorrectly entered.
  2. Save to Device – This will save your score locally ONLY and will not submit it to the cloud. No Infinite rating is generated when you save to device. You should save to device any time you are unable to complete the full normal layout, weather is abnormally bad, or other circumstances exist that would give you an abnormal round rating.
  3. Submit Score – The submit score button will submit the score to the cloud to your public Infinite Profile, course records screens, and will generate a rating for your round played. RoundRatingssWhen you submit a score it will also save your score on your device and give you immediate access too your round statistics.RoundStatistics

Final Scorecard

Temporary players scores are not saved, but can be viewed and shared by text, email, or social media using the  “Final Scorecard” button at the top of the page. FinalScorecard


The mobile app has several settings you can choose. Full settings instructions are found here.


To get the most recent version of the Infinite Disc Golf Scorecard Mobile App, click here to download.

This version was most recently updated on July 20th.