Infinite Courses

Infinite Disc Golf Course DirectoryInfinite Courses is more than just a disc golf course directory. Our website and mobile app features provide useful information and enhance the potential of recreational disc golf.

The Infinite Courses site will have ratings and reviews from all the major disc golf courses in the United States including updated course conditions, difficulty ratings, top scores, and other useful information that will help you know what to expect each time you try a new course. Download course maps, find nearby courses, and see what discs other players like to use when they play each course.

See personal and comprehensive average scores for each course, layout and hole you play. In disc golf “par” is a very relative term as almost every hole is considered a par 3. With Infinite Courses, you can quickly see how difficult a hole really is by comparing average scores of all players.


InfinitePlayerProfileInfinite Player Profiles

The Infinite Player Profile can display numerous details about your game. This comprehensive disc golfer profile shows favorite courses, favorite discs, hole-by-hole scoring of all the rounds you’ve played, ratings, bag tags you currently hold, aces you’ve accumulated, your infinite points, reviews you’ve written, and your disc golf statistics.

Infinite Ratings

One of the reasons many disc golfers play PDGA sanctioned tournaments is so that they can improve their PDGA rating. A player rating is a snap shot way to see your skill compared with someone else. Top pros typically have ratings in the 1000’s, Advanced players in the 900’s, Intermediate players in the 800’s, and beginners below 800.

With Infinite Courses, you can see a rating for every round you play. Knowing that your round can be recorded and seen by anyone provides excellent mental practice for tournament play.


Not only do players get rated for every round they play, but each course also has a rating which can help you to determine how difficult a course is. The course rating is the round rating needed to shoot even par.

  • Courses with a ratings less than 800 are considered “Beginner” courses.     BeginnerCourse
  • Courses with ratings between 800 – 850 are considered “Easy.”EasyRating
  • Courses with ratings between 850 -900 are considered “Average.”AverageRating
  • Courses with ratings between 900 – 950 are considered “Difficult.”Difficult
  • Courses with ratings above 950 are “Very Difficult.” VeryDifficultThese courses are not usually recommended for beginners.

Many disc golf courses have multiple layouts. Each layout has a different difficulty rating.


Course difficulty information can be valuable when you’re visiting a new area, especially if you plan to play with new or inexperienced players.

Infinite Statistics

By keeping your scores using the Infinite Disc Golf Mobile App, you can track a plethora of different statistics including:


  • Penalty Stroke Percentage
  • Birdie Percentage
  • Par Percentage
  • Bogey Percentage
  • Putting Percentage (from a variety of distances)
  • Green Percentage (percent of your drives that land within the 33 foot circle)
  • Aces (including the course, hole #, and what disc you aced with)
  • Best scores for each course

Knowing these stats is not only fun, but it can provide valuable information that shows how your disc golf game compares with others, and what elements of disc golf you should most work to improve.

Stats are available any time you use the Infinite Mobile App or upload your hole by hole scores. Both all time and individual round stats are tracked.


Infinite Points

Stats1Infinite Courses creates a game within the game. Track your stats like the pros, keep track of all the courses you play, and earn more infinite points than anyone in your area by being the biggest contributor to the site. Strive to play more courses or rounds than anyone else you know.

Each month we will have prizes or discount codes available to top Infinite Point earner. During our beta testing period, you can earn an Infinite Discs gift card up to $300!



Top Scores For Every Course

You can compete for the top scores on every disc golf course. Each month the scores in the left column are reset giving you an opportunity to set a top score each month. If you really have skills, see how many courses you can hold top 5 spots on.