Infinite Ratings

Round Rating

An Infinite Rating is calculated every time you play a disc golf round on a course (layout to be technical) that already has an Infinite rating. This rating is based off and is similar to the PDGA rating.


Personal Infinite Rating

Your Infinite rating is up to your last 20 rounds of disc golf played on rated courses. Once the 21st round is played your oldest round is no longer included. Your rating varies slightly after each new round you play.


How Infinite Ratings Are Calculated

Layouts receive an Infinite rating after they are played a minimum of 8 times by Propagators. A propagator is anyone with a bold Infinite rating (at least 10 rounds played and above 800). Our formula then determines the average score thrown on a particular layout, the average ratings of the players that have played it, the number of holes played, and the course’s total distance.

Maintaining the Integrity of the Infinite Rating

In order to keep the Infinite Rating as accurate as possible it is important that players pay attention to the layouts they play, follow all the course and hole rules, play honestly, and record all rounds (not just the good ones). Otherwise ratings become artificially inflated. When weather conditions are extremely bad, one should not submit their scores (unless there is a Bad Weather layout) for the course as default layouts assume decent weather conditions.