July Promotion: Earn up to $100 by Using the Infinite App

***Attention Android Users***

We’re pretty close to being able to release the mobile app to the general public, but there are likely still a few bugs. This is why we need you to help us find them. To incentivize app usage, we’re giving away $100 in Infinite Gift Cards for using the app during July. Unfortunately, the app is not yet available for IOS devices.

Download the July 20th version of the Android App here.


July Promotion: Get Paid to Play Disc Golf

Congratulations, you are officially a pro! Okay, probably not, but during our July promotion, you can earn up to $100 in gift cards by simply playing disc golf and recording scores with the app.

We will randomly select five scores submitted during July, and award the users $20 gift cards. The more rounds you play, the better your odds of winning. If you record and upload your friends scores, they will also be eligible to win.

To qualify, these scores need to be recorded with the app while you are actually playing the round. The app now records your round time. Only rounds that take at least 30 minutes will qualify.

DO NOT enter spammy scores and try to game the system to win free stuff. Only honest, accurately entered scores will qualify.

Two of the gift cards will be awarded specifically to players who also enter putting stats.

Submit Your Feedback

For any glitches, errors, or even suggestions, please submit your feedback here. If we don’t know about the problem, we can’t fix it.

How the Infinite Disc Golf App Works

If you haven’t used the Infinite app yet, please take a few minutes to read about what it does and how it works. You must have an Infinite Profile set up to use the mobile app.

If you have a PDGA rating, please update your profile to include your current rating. This will help to get more courses rated.

If you aren’t a PDGA member, try to play courses that already have an established Infinite rating so that you can earn an Infinite Rating (most of these courses are currently in the Mountain States). One of our next goals is to get as many courses rated as possible so that ratings can be earned and displayed after every round played.

Many of the app features will not work fully if the course, layout, and hole distances are not already added to the system. You can do many of these features right from the app during your round, but some of these tasks are more easily done beforehand from a computer.

The “How To” section of the right sidebar of InfiniteDiscGolf.com contains detailed instructions for many features of the courses site and mobile app.


  1. Kevin VilleMonte

    | Reply

    Just wondering if there was an estimated release date for the iOS version?

    • Alan Barker

      | Reply

      We’re hoping the IOS version will be available for beta testing before September.

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