The Infinite Mobile Scorecard App

The Infinite Disc Golf mobile app provides a simple way for you to find courses to play and record your round scores. While keeping score, you also have the option to track putting and penalty statistics.

Here are a few highlights of the app:scorecardclose

Automatically Updates to Infinite Courses

The app automatically integrates with Infinite Courses and your Infinite Profile to give you details of your individual round and all time personal statistics including:


  • Past round scores
  • # of Courses Played
  • # of Rounds Played
  • # of Holes Played
  • Round ratings
  • Aces
  • Eagle percentages
  • Birdie percentages
  • Par percentages
  • Bogey percentages
  • Double Bogey percentages
  • Putting Percentages
  • Green Hit Percentages

The app also provides an easy way to rate courses and update conditions, as well as earn and track Infinite Points.


At the completion of your round, the Infinite Disc Golf App displays details of your round including beginning and ending time, and weather conditions.

Course Locator

The mobile app features a handy course locator that will quickly help you find good courses wherever you go.


Pressing the blue directional arrow button in the bottom right hand corner will provide you with GPS directions to the course.

As you play the course you will be able to see details of every individual hole including par, average score, personal average, out of bounds, water hazards, and provides a way for you to add specific reminder notes for future reference.holedetails

See Your Rating After Each Round

A fun feature with the Infinite App is that your round ratings is immediately available as soon as you submit your score. The app also makes it easy to view your birdies, bogey’s, and penalty strokes. This data can help you diagnose what you do well and what you can do to improve.


Infinite Disc Golf App for Android

The Android Version is currently available. Read the instructions here: then go to the Google Play Store to get your Free copy.


Infinite Disc Golf For IOS

The Apple version of the Infinite App is currently available for beta testing. Follow these instructions to help us test the IOS version.