Infinite App Settings

The Infinite App has a number of different settings options you can change according to your personal preference.

There are two different ways to change your settings.

  1. From the main dashboard select the left menu option and then “settings.”SettingsSideBar2. From within the scorecard, select the gear icon in the top right corner.settingsGearBar

Infinite Disc Golf Scorecard App Settings

Over Under Par & Total Score Display

This setting will display or hide the current score thus far through the round. Some disc golfers don’t like to know how well they are or not playing until after the round is complete. “On” will display the current score while “Off” will hide it.  Par-ScoreDisplay

Track Putts All Display

When “On” this will give you the opportunity to track putting statistics for all players on the card. Even when on, tracking putting stats is optional. “Off” will hide these fields.


Track Putts Me Display

This display will hide putt statistic fields for all but the primary user.


Penalty Add to Score

When “On” this setting will automatically add to the hole score whenever a penalty is selected. In most cases, a penalty results in the player shooting above par for the hole. When “Off” the penalty will still be added for statistics and tracking purposes, it just won’t automatically increase the hole score when selected.plus1penalty

Penalty Strokes Display

This setting simply hides the penalty stroke section from the options.


Throw Order

When “On” this setting will switch the players order on swipe based on the previous scores to show the appropriate tee off order.ThrowOrderSwitch

When “Off” players will appear in the same position for every hole.