New Android Update – Auto Save and Resume Round

A new Android version of the Infinite Disc Golf Scorecard app was released today at the Google Play Store. This app version doesn’t have any major updates but it does a couple things that make it better and more user friendly:

  1. Resume app from the same screen. Previously, if you closed the app down and opened it back up it would always start back at the dashboard. Now the app re-opens from the screen you last left.
  2. Auto Save Rounds. This is one of the biggest requests we’ve had. Now if you need to leave in the middle of a round and want to return and finish the round later you can.

To save your app mid round, simply close the app down by clicking the ‘X’ in the top right corner.


A prompt will appear that says, “Do YOU WANT to Exit?” Click. Yes. This will save your round.


To Resume a Partial Round

Go to the “My Scores” section of the left menu bar.


Next click “My Scores” and scroll to the bottom of the screen.Rounds that have not been completed or submitted are marked with a “red star.”


Select the course with your incomplete rounds and press “incomplete.” This will load your round to the point where you left off and can resume your round.incompleteround

Delete Rounds from Device

If there is a round you are not going to ever complete and want deleted from your device, simply swipe right to left and the delete trash can will appear. Click it and the round will be deleted.


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