Testers Needed. Infinite Courses Beta Launch

Get up to $300 in store credit to Infinite Discs!

Do you have ideas and feedback that would help make an incredible disc golf website and mobile app? Have you wanted a new bag, basket, shoes, discs, or disc golf cart but don’t have excess cash pay for it? Here’s your chance to earn Infinite Bucks by helping us BETA Test our new mobile app and courses features.

allinfinitepointsTo earn Infinite Credit, all you need to do is create an Infinite Profile and start earning Infinite Points.

  • 500 Infinite Points = $5 Infinite Bucks
  • 1,000 Infinite Points = $10 Infinite Bucks
  • 2,000 Infinite Points = $20 Infinite Bucks
  • 10,000 Infinite Points = $100 Infinite Bucks

In addition, the top three point earners (points earned only during the month of May) will earn additional prizes.

  • 1st Prize $200 Infinite Bucks
  • 2nd Prize $150 Infinite Bucks
  • 3rd Prize $100 Infinite Bucks

How do I Earn Infinite Points?

Infinite Points are earned by contributing to our site. For our mobile app to work, we need it to have courses and layouts. We will reward those that do the following with points by:

To be eligible for a gift card, your profile must be complete (including a picture, short bio, favorite discs, and favorite courses), and  you must earn at least 1 point from each of the following categories by May 31st:

  • Profile Creation
  • Add Course
  • Review Course
  • Add Layout
  • Play Rounds
  • Rate Course
  • Top Discs Used
  • Update Course Conditions
  • Review Discs

*Only points earned during the month of May qualify. Please read the instructions fully and adhere to our quality guidelines before you begin adding courses, layouts, and scores.

Quality Guidelines:

  1. Course descriptions and rules information needs to be uniquely written in your own words. Users who simply copy and paste data from other course directories will be disqualified from the points competition. As disc golf courses are constantly evolving, it is preferred that courses and especially layouts, be added by disc golfers who play them regularly and know them best.
  2. Course reviews should only be done on courses you have actually played. These reviews should be your honest opinions and not just regurgitated text from other users. Do not copy a review from somewhere else and post it as your own.
  3. Only review discs you have actually thrown. Infinite Discs reviews must be uniquely written in your own words.

How do I redeem the prizes I’ve earned?

Gift cards will be automatically sent out to all qualified beta testers by June 15th. You just need to make sure that your email address on your profile is complete.

After you receive the gift card code, you can order any item we offer on InfiniteDiscs.com

This site is awesome, why are you giving away gift cards when I would do this stuff anyways?

Our goal is to make this the best resource for recreational disc golf play. For our course directory and ratings system to be successful, we need courses and layouts entered. Who better to enter courses than the locals who play them? For our site to have the true value we want, we need you to help us out. Us offering an incentive will help the data to be more complete and get populated faster.

To become a beta tester and receive a FREE copy of the mobile app when available, fill this form.

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For glitches and feedback while doing your beta testing, fill out this form.




  1. Mike Brown

    | Reply

    I would really like to test out your guys new disc golf app on Android, how do I get a copy?

  2. Ben

    | Reply

    So too bad for those of us who use Apple devices, I guess?

    • Alan Barker

      | Reply

      Or, Apple users have to be patient. The IOS version will come. I wish we could just have everything done at once, but the reality is that development is slow and expensive. We thought it would be better to get some people out testing rather than wait another two months until the Apple version is also ready.

      • Ben

        | Reply

        Great! Will us Applers get the same kind of gift card beta testing opportunity?

        • Alan Barker

          | Reply

          Yes. The Gift Card opportunity has to do with adding data on the website from your computer (which populates the date for the mobile app — both Android and IOS). So the same opportunity is available for all right now.

          Actually testing the mobile app for bugs and improvement suggestions doesn’t award Infinite Points.

  3. Warren Peace

    | Reply

    How many points are given for a certain action? For example, how many do I get for adding a new course? Or reviewing a disc, or uploading a picture/map?How do I check to see how many points I have?

    • Alan Barker

      | Reply

      The points details are found at the bottom of each instruction page. Instruction pages are found in the “How To” section of the sidebar.

      Add Courses: 25 points per course. +10 for pictures
      Add Layouts: 2 points per hole +10 of for pictures.
      Review Courses and Discs: 4 points for rating, and points for each word written in reviews.
      Update course conditions: 1 point.
      Record Scores: 2 points
      Upload Maps: 10 Points

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