Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy

The Infinite Disc Golf websites and Mobile App are free to use and provide an enhanced disc golf experience for those who use them. Infinite Disc Golf provides an easy way to track scores, statistics, and ratings that help you track your progress.

By installing the Infinite Disc Golf application, creating an Infinite Profile, and/or uploading data to Infinite Courses you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. All data uploaded will be honest and as accurate as possible.
  2. Pictures submitted will not include copyrighted material or inappropriate content.
  3. Reviews and course descriptions must be uniquely written in your own words (do not plagiarize).
  4. No profanity or vulgarity please. Language used will be “G” rated and appropriate for all.

Maintaining the Integrity of the Infinite Rating System

  • I have (or will in the near future) viewed the post The Infinite Mobile Scorecard App and understand that data I submit can be seen by all users. I  understand that my rating and scores will have an impact on other players ratings.
  • I will only submit accurate scores in accordance with standard play and current layout rules. (This only applies to scores submitted to the Infinite Cloud, and not scores saved only to device. For scores saved on the device you can play whatever rules you want as it will not impact other players.)
  • I will submit a fair sample of my scores (both bad and good — preferably all of them) and not just my “good rounds.”
  • I will ensure that I am playing the appropriate layout before submitting round scores.
  • I will only submit scores when the complete round has been played. If you have to skip holes or end your round early, do not submit your score, simply save it to device.
  • I agree that I will not submit scores in extreme weather conditions that are significantly different from the normal disc golf experience for that course.
  • I will do my best to update pin positions and course conditions to help other Infinite Disc Golf users.
  • I will only include a PDGA rating in my profile if it presents an accurate reflection of my current disc golf skill level. (Until an Infinite Rating is established, a PDGA rating may be used to set course ratings.) I realize that an inaccurate rating will have an adverse effect on many player ratings.

Infinite Discs has the right to delete any scores that it deems invalid towards setting layout ratings. Players found violating our terms and conditions may have their account privileges revoked. For additional questions or scores that need to be deleted, email support@infinitediscs.com

Privacy Policy

Information uploaded to your public profile can be viewed by anyone. By searching your name, any user will be able to add you to their scorecard within the mobile app.

Infinite Discs will not share your name or contact information with any third parties.

Infinite Discs does not store or collect credit card information. All credit card transactions are performed through third party sites Authorize.net and Paypal.com

Infinite Discs is not liable for any errors that occur, or lost scores that may result from failure of the mobile app.