Score Input

The third tab of tournament admin is where you go to add scores after each round. For full functionality during the tournament, you will need to have internet access.

To add scores, simply select the appropriate Tournament and Round that you want to enter.

The division drop down provides an easy way to see only players in a certain division.

Input the scores in the field on the right. The search field will allow you to search for specific players, which creates an quick way to find players and add scores as cards come in.

***Scores will not save in the columns until you click the green “Submit Score” button. If you switch divisions

Submit Scores Screen

Before you actually submit scores to the cloud a confirmation screen appears. Make sure these scores are correct before submitting, otherwise there is no way to edit a players round rating (it is possible to edit a score later, just not the rating). When the “Confirm and Submit Scores” button is pressed, scores are live on the cloud where everyone will be able to see them on the online tournament page.


If a player does not finish their round and does not have a score to submit, enter “999” as their score. This will automatically put them at the bottom of the results and will not give them an Infinite Rating for the round.

Once scores are submitted for all rounds, you are now able to calculate payout.