Tournament Infinite Ratings

One fun feature of running Infinite tournaments is the Infinite Rating. The Infinite Rating is similar to a PDGA rating and is calculated by taking the average ratings of players in the tournament (either Infinite or PDGA rating) and calculating them against the average scores for the round and the distance of the course. The better your round, the higher your rating will be.

For the system to be able to calculate ratings for your tournament round, there must be at least 8 propagators in the field (players with either a bold Infinite Rating or PDGA rating entered in their Infinite profile).

Many players will set up their Infinite account when registering for the tournament and so are not likely to have an Infinite Rating. There is a good chance that they have also skipped the section for PDGA rating when creating their profile.

To ensure that you have enough propagators to set a rating, you may want to check and make sure that PDGA rated players have updated their information. The PDGA number displays with a linkable click to the PDGA profile right on the registration page.

Use the Correct Layout

Tournament round ratings can be determined, and will influence future course play on the selected layout. If you are using the normal layout used for recreational play, then there should be no issues with the ratings generated during your tournament.

Many tournaments choose to add additional OB, Islands, and other rules that make getting optimal scores more difficult. If this is what you do for your tournament, be sure to create a new tournament layout, otherwise ratings will be artificially low as they are compared against rounds played without the additional rules.

The layout you select or create for the tournament must have hole distances added to calculate ratings.

Here are more instructions on how to create a layout.