Tournament Registration

There are two ways to register players for tournaments:

  1. Allow them to register online at your tournaments registration page.
  2. Manually enter the player.

In order to play in a tournament and receive payout, a player must have an Infinite Account set up. When registering online, a player that doesn’t already have an account will set one up at registration.

Online Registrations

When a player registers online, they pay Infinite Discs directly. For Infinite payout divisions, Infinite Discs keeps the funds as we are the ones that make the payout to the players, however, this payment generates a commission for the TD that will be paid out in Cash when registration closes.

For Cash (usually PRO) division registrants this money is withheld by Infinite, but will be paid back to the TD (minus a 3% transaction fee) before the tournament.

All funds raised for tournaments can be tracked right from Tournament list of the TD admin page.

Through experience running and attending hundreds of events, we have found that tournaments are much more likely to run smoothly if all the participants pre-register. For this reason, we strongly discourage day of registrations and our system is designed to discourage day of registration. We highly recommend that tournaments run using the Infinite System advertise that registration is online only.

If day of registration is an option, and the event is not likely to fill, most disc golfers will wait until the day of the event to register, especially if there is possible inclement weather. If disc golfers know that day of registration is not an option, most will go ahead and pre-register online. When running a tournament using the Infinite System, it is very important that you understand how day of registration works. Because of the way our Infinite Gift card payout works, you can only manually add as many players as their are funds due to the TD.

Manual Registrations

TD’s can manually add players who already have an Infinite Profile or create a profile for them by using the second tab in the Tournament Profile.

Manually added players pay the TD directly, so TD’s commissions and payout are inversely calculated. Manual registrations for Cash divisions will not add to the amount owed, while manual registrations for Infinite divisions will subtract from the amount owed to the TD. TD’s are only able to manually add Infinite division players when they have sufficient available credit.

For example if you have $100.00 of funds raised and your entry fee for the event is $10.00 you can only add 10 players manually.

There are a few differences in the way payout and commissions are calculated for manual Registrations.

  1. Manually registered players can not receive a player pack gift card. This discourages, day of registration.
  2. Only the dollar amount of “Payout per Player” is added to the total division payout and subtracted from the amount due to TD. We assume that the TD is collecting any additional fees or “withheld” amounts themselves and so none of these funds are used in calculating the amount due to TD.
  3. TD’s do not earn commissions on registrations from manually added players.  “Payout per Player” amounts are deducted directly from the “Funds Raised”

The TD must create a profile for day or registrants, and the player will be emailed with their Infinite Discs username and password.


If a player cancels more than one week before the tournament. By contacting us, we can manually cancel their registration and refund their payment method. Within one week of the event, cash refunds are not available.

At any time before payout, you can cancel players registration and refund them with an Infinite Discs Gift Card. Even Open, Cash division players will receive their refund in Infinite Bucks if you process the refund. To cancel a player and process a refund, simply click the “red trash can” on the registration page.
How to Refund Players

Players will be refunded the net registration fee not including any processing fees. When players have already received a player pack gift card, the refund amount will be the registration amount minus gift card amount already payed.

Please make your refund policy clear so that players will know what they will receive in case they do need to drop out before the event.

You will not receive a commission for any players that are refunded.