Tournament Set Up

Once approved as an Infinite Tournament director, you can set up a tournament from your Infinite Account. Simply log in to your account and select “Tournaments” in the drop down or left side bar of your Infinite Profile.

The tournaments screen has 5 tabs. To set up the tournament, you must complete all fields in the first “Tournaments” tab.

Tournament Name: This is whatever you choose to name your tournament.

Tournament Type: This helps explain what type of tournament you are running. What you select here will display on the registration page.

Tournament Date: This is the date your tournament will begin.

Max No. of Players: The amount you enter in this field will limit the number of online registrations your tournament can have regardless of division. If your course can hold no more than 45 players for the tournament, then set the max number at 45. There is a spot later on where you can limit the number of registrants for each division.

Registration Start and End Dates: These are the dates where online registration will be open. Once the Registration End Date passes, online registration will be automatically shut down.

No. of Rounds: This is the total number of rounds in which you will record scores for the tournament.

Processing Fee: This is an optional fee that can be assessed to each registrant. We will subtract a 3% processing fee from the TD for all CASH (Open) division registrants.  If you don’t want to lose that money, this is where you can pass that fee along to the disc golfers.

Tournament Location: Before you can select your tournament venue, you must make sure that it has already been added to Infinite Courses. If the tournament and layout (including hole distances) are not added beforehand, you will not be able to add scores, submit for ratings, or populate payout.

Additional Fees: You can use this section to add any optional charges that you don’t want automatically in registration. If you would like us to collect funds for an ace pot, lunch, optional upgrade, or anything else you can do that with the “Additional Fees” button. All additional fees collected will be paid out to the TD prior to the tournament. To add additional fees, simply click the green button then type in your description and the amount in the new Optional Charge fields that will appear.

Description and Schedule: The Description and Schedule input boxes are simply the left and right side of the registration display page. Include all the details you want about your tournament in either of these fields.

Add Images: To add images, click the mountain icon.

Next, use the “Upload” tab to upload your image. You will need to press the “send it to server” button uploading before the upload is fully complete.

Use the “Width” and “Height” features to modify the display size.

Division Options

Use the check boxes on the far left to include the divisions you want available for registration for your tournament.

Payout Type: There are two different payout types Infinite & Cash. This refers to the type of payment the players will receive from the tournament.

  • Infinite – Infinite payout will be received by participants in the form of Infinite Discs gift cards that are automatically distributed at the completion of the tournament. Players will be emailed their gift card codes with instructions on how to use them. These gift card codes and any remaining balance also appear in the gift cards section of players Infinite Profile.
  • Cash – Cash payout distribution is the responsibility of the Tournament Director. Prior to the tournament, Infinite Discs will forward the amount due to TD’s so that they will have available cash on hand to pay out cash division winners. TD’s do not earn any commission from Cash divisions.

Player Pack Value: The player pack value is an optional field that is only to be used if you would like players to receive an Infinite Discs gift card as part of their registration. The amount entered here will automatically be emailed to the player as soon as they register.  To use the gift card players pack option, select the check box and enter the gift card value you would like each player to receive. Entering a value here will automatically reduce the payout per player. For Infinite Payout divisions, the combined amounts of the Players Pack Value and Payout per Player will be used to determine the TD’s commission.

If you plan to use part of the registration fees to purchase items for a players pack, do not enter a value here, but instead enter them in the “withhold” field.

Max Players in Field: This field will allow you to limit the number of players allowed to register in each division.

Registration Cost: This is where you will enter the face cost (before any optional fees) of registration for each division.

Withhold: An amount entered in this column will be passed directly to the TD. You can “withhold” registration funds for charity, fundraising, lunch, a physical player pack, reservation costs, your time, or anything else you like. Any amount entered in the withhold column will not generate TD commission. This column is completely optional.

Payout per Player: This is the portion of the registration fee that will go towards tournament payout for that division. This amount is auto generated based on the division registration cost minus player pack and any amount withheld.

Payout % of Field: Use this column to select the portion of the field that you would like to pay out. If you would like half the field to receive prize payout, keep it at 50%. If you want more payout for winners select 10 or 20%. If you want everyone to receive something, then payout 100% of the field. Our system has a formula to automatically calculate payout at a graduated level.