Update Course Conditions

When playing conditions change at a disc golf course, the “Course Conditions” section of Infinite Courses becomes very useful.

Course conditions should be updated any time:

  • The course becomes unplayable
  • Certain holes become unplayable.
  • Unplayable holes are now playable.
  • The course is now open.
  • Conditions occur that affect normal play or overall enjoyment.

You can update course conditions from both the website and the mobile app.

Updating conditions from the app:

At the end of each round you are given the opportunity to update conditions before you submit your score.

Updating conditions from the website:

The Course Condition section contains both a drop down of usable conditions, and a description input field where you can specify the why’s and when’s of the course change.

To change course conditions, simply click the “Edit Course Condition” button when logged into your Infinite Discs account.


1 Infinite Point is awarded every time course conditions are updated.