Use the App Without Internet

For many of the app features to work, an internet connection is required. However, some disc golf courses are located in remote areas where Internet signal is poor or not available. When an internet connection is poor, the app will appear sluggish and unresponsive.

It is still possible to keep score and update all your stats to the cloud while playing courses from these locations by creating a temporary course (this is the only option when no internet is available).

You can name the temporary course whatever you like, the only thing you really need to know for it to sink with the cloud is how many holes the layout you will be playing has.



When you begin your round, the default setting for each hole is a par 3. For holes with different pars, you can adjust the par by clicking the “Par” button at the top of the screen.


For personal reference you can also add the distance of each hole, but this is not necessary when playing established layouts as the system will assume the most current layout positions when you do submit your score.

When your round is complete, save your score to your device.


Upload your score to the Cloud

Once Internet is available, go the the “My Scores” section  of the app.

Select your score: MyScores
Temporary courses will appear at the bottom of your saved scores screen and will have a red dot indicating that they are saved locally only.REdDot

Then click the red “Submit Score” link.


Search for your course.SelectCourse

Then select the appropriate layout.

ChooseLayoutYour score will upload to that layout and give you your Infinite Rating.