Where is the Closest Disc Golf Course to Me?

Infinite Disc Golf Course Finder

The Infinite Courses disc golf course finder provides an easy way to view all the available disc golf courses in any area. Whether you’re looking for local disc golf courses, or places to play in distant parts of the country, the website map makes it really easy to see and compare different courses in any given area. A simple click will allow you to drill in and compare courses based on ratings, reviews, difficulty, and conditions.

Infinite Courses Locater - Map View

Find Disc Golf Courses With the Mobile App

One neat feature of the Infinite Disc Golf App is the ability to find disc golf courses that are close to you — wherever you go! This is a fantastic feature for when you’re away from home on business or vacation and have a few extra minutes to get away to chuck some frisbees. As long as you have a GPS enabled smart phone, you can find the nearest course to you wherever you are within the United States and Canada.

There are two ways to find nearby disc golf courses using the app:

  1. “Nearby Courses” in the left drop down sidebar. As soon as you log into the mobile app, you will notice three horizontal lines in the top left menu bar. Click the three bars and a blue drop down menu will appear. To find the disc golf courses near you, simply click the “nearby courses” link.

nearby-disk-golf-courses-search2. “Search Nearby Courses” from the Play Round Screen. After you select “play round” you have three choices of courses to play. You can search by name, recently played, or by finding a nearby course using the GPS map. Click the second blue bar that says “search nearby courses.”


This map will show you your current location, and all of disc golf courses within the vicinity.


If you’re looking to find even more courses in the area, simply pinch out to enlarge the screen and view a larger selection of courses in the general area.


Tap on each pink pin marker for detailed information about each individual course. When there are several potential courses to choose from, the user generated star ratings and course condition updates can help you make the decision of which course you should play.

Corse Star Ratings and Conditions

GPS Directions to the Disc Golf Course

One of the best things about the nearby course finder is that after you find the course you want to play, you can pull up immediate GPS directions right from your mobile phone.

After viewing the details of the course you want to play, simply click the “directions” arrow in the bottom right corner of the app. press-for-gps-directions

This launches your Google Maps GPS and leads you directly to the course.

The Infinite Disc Golf Scorecard app is FREE for download and available at Google Play.

Find Disc Golf Courses by State

Use this list for quick links to the top disc golf courses in every state:

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